Duramelt, our new adhesive range is the most versatile metallocene hot melt in the market. This hot melt is applicable to a wide temperature range and has a benefit of overall cost savings and high mileage. This adhesive has an extremely aggressive bond to many substrates, supreme all weather performance as well as resistance to aging.

If you are using EVA based hot melt and would like to achieve superior adhesive performance and cost savings, please allow us to present Duramelt. After the presentation, you will realize the abundance of savings that could be achieved by switching to Duramelt.

The advantages of Duramelt is listed below:

  • Aggresive bond strength 
  • Cost Saving
  • High flexibility (= good cold resistance)
  • Large application temperature range
  • Very high heat stability
  • Applicable to many substrates including:
    • OPP/BOPP,
    • UV varnish,
    • PET,
    • PVC,
    • Metallized,
    • Glass,
    • Metal,
    • Wood, etc.

 Get more information and determine whether Duramelt is for you!