Rekat literally means "stick" in Indonesian

With experience in the chemical industry, the founders of Makro Rekat Sekawan set out to become the best adhesive manufacturer in Indonesia. Makro Rekat's founders are polymer chemists from the Technical University of Berlin. We have learnt that innovation requires a depth of knowledge in the raw materials, user processes and end usage. Our strong research and development division rely on the best minds of chemists and engineers. Our team combines the theories of polymer chemistry with the real world experience of our engineers. With exceptional product quality in hand, we continue to set the standards for industrial adhesives.

Now as a leading company, we set out to reach even higher targets. We are actively developing new products and markets to empower businesses and individuals. We believe with our support, targets previously not achievable could be reached. 

As our customer, you will experience the support from our R&D from day 1. Once the product is perfected for your application, we guarantee the continuity of supply and quality. In unforeseen events, we guarantee prompt troubleshooting and support. Our standard practice above is time tested and is the reference in the industry. Please communicate with one of our staff to discuss more about how we can improve your adhesives.

In 2011 Macrochema was appointed as the agent of Valco Melton Hot melt Adhesive Applicator Systems. This development increases our ability to give comprehensive service for our hot melt customers. Macrochema is able to give HMA applicator servicing, sparepart supply and installation of complete systems. Melton's systems are fully compatible with most standard fitting including that or Nordson.

In 2011 Macrochema signed a joint venture agreement with Moresco Japan. The new company is called Moresco Macro Adhesives and will focus on producing and marketing hot melt PSA. With this joint venture, we became the first Indonesian company to install a hot melt pillow forming machine in Indonesia.

In 2019 we started partnership with Shanghai Huitian for new products including Polyurethane and Silicone based materials